New at Parc Astérix: the Idéfix Forest

Published on April 21, 2014
  • © Les Editions Albert René / Goscinny-Uderzo

    © Les Editions Albert René / Goscinny-Uderzo

  • © Parc Astérix 2014

    © Parc Astérix 2014

  • © Parc Astérix 2014

    © Parc Astérix 2014

New at Parc Astérix: the Idéfix Forest 60128 Plailly fr

Season opening and Inauguration on Saturday April 12th, 2014

Challenges for children and adults, plenty of adventure, unique attractions with unequaled sensations, great live shows, a touch of humor and a touch of insolence...These are the ingredients for a potion tested and approved by millions of visitors since 1989!


5 new attractions

In 2014, to celebrate its 25 years, Parc Astérix invites you to its new world dedicated to families and especially for children from 3 to 11 years: the Forest Idéfix, with its 5,000 m2 in the heart of Parc Astérix !

Just a few steps from the Gallic Village, Idéfix invites you to discover the strange inventions of Panoramix' druids friends...

While staring at a Roman's robbery, the druid Aérodynamix get into the conquest of the sky. He decided to make all his friends from the forest fly! With a lot of talen and imagination, the druid Enigmatix invents some engines that are going up and down...And to tell the truth, he doesn't really know what purpose they're serving! The druid Lavomatix invented the soap and the bucket seat (the one from the race cars). Between racing and doing the laundry, he has made the competition his first choice. To prepare her potions, Etamine, the female druid, stirs. And when she stirs, she IS STIRING! The druid Hydrolix has invented an engine to sail back up the river and everyone takes advantage of it!


Parc Astérix, it's also 7 universes offered to you to fill up of sensations:

  • The Gaul
  • The Roman Empire
  • The Ancient Greece
  • The Vikings, through the time
  • Egypt and the Forest of Idéfix



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