Little Prince park in Alsace

Published on April 22, 2015
  • The Little Prince park

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    The Little Prince park

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  • Map of The Little Prince park

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    Map of The Little Prince park

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Little Prince park in Alsace 68190 Ungersheim fr

Come and dive into the poetic universe of the Little Prince legend!  

The first aerial Park in the world

No amusement park project had yet been created on the theme of Saint-Exupéry’s famous novel, The Little Prince. Located by the beautiful city of Ungersheim, about twenty kilometers from Mulhouse and Colmar, The Little Prince Park is a unique “French” concept in the world.It highlights two universes and three dimensions with more than thirty attractions: An exclusive dream experience for all ages that offers different universes such as aviation, water, animals and plants.

Get ready to travel from planet to planet in 2D, 3D, and 4D

  • The Park’s large cinema auditoriums offer Le Petit Prince (the Little Prince’s) adventures or the Planet of the Giant  in 3D.
  • The olders will appreciate Les Ailes du Courage (The Wings of Courage), a Jean-Jacques Annaud movie,the great story of the Aeropostale retracing the tale of Guillaumet in the Andes; 
  • Night Flight, a journey full of sensations simulating the epic conditions of the pilot without visibility, and Southern Mail, where the young aeronauts bring the mail to the right continent.
  • Sit on a Jet Ski, and ride to the Planète sous – marine (underwater Planet)! Get ready for a 4D attraction with an amazing photo safari in the ocean depths;
  • Converse virtually with a young virtual fox in the experience Apprivoise-moi.(Tame me.)

Meet the animals in a different way

  • The Butterfly Farm is worth the visit:  This is the first breeding farm open to the public. Its immersive tunnel, its breeding greenhouses and garden has attracted all butterflies species in the region. 
  • The exclusive show:  « Sheeps in the Meadow », hosted by Hobo, the Border collie dog of the Little Prince Park and its eight sheeps is definitely a must see.
  • « Foxes on the Prairie » is a unique attraction with four young foxes that are almost tamed.

Fly to the Planet of the King and the Planet of the Lamp Lighter with two large captive balloons 

Visitors can be up to 150 meters high and admire one of the most beautiful French landscapes (from the West: the Vosges to the East:  the Black Forest and a view in the north-south axis, the plain of Alsace.) Quite unusual, the planet of the Drinker will combine conviviality, with a glass in hand, strong sensations, feet in the sky dangling up to 35 meters off the ground and emotions with the beauty of an exceptional 360° view.

In close proximity, people can enjoy the emblematic figure of the region, the Ecomusée and the former potash mine of Carreau Rodolphe, and nearby, Germany and Switzerland!


Parc du Petit Prince
68190- Ungersheim

Tel.: + 33 (0)3 89 62 43 00