UCPA: Exciting summer vacations for students!

UCPA: Exciting summer vacations for students!

More than
50 different sports holidays at either by the sea or in the mountains, one week
all inclusive from 349 Euros.


Choose your
favorite sport, show us your student ID and go on a sporty holiday without
going bankrupt!

selection of sporty activities:

the sea: Surfing, Windsurfing, catamaran sailing

Mountain-biking, rock-climbing, river rafting


Reserve now
with your student ID to take advantage of this special student offer which will
apply when choosing and booking you holiday.

special offers last as long as there is availability and to benefit you must
provide us with a valid student ID. Should you not have a valid student ID you
will be required to pay full amount without the student discount.


Reserve online
at : www.ucpa-vacances.com or www.ucpa.co.uk 


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