Tourism Labels – French Cultural Heritage

  • © Atout France / Stéphane Frances

    © Atout France / Stéphane Frances

Tourism Labels – French Cultural Heritage

UNESCO World Heritage, National Monuments, French Towns and Lands of Art and History, and other labels guarantee you authenticity, uniqueness and the accessibility of the places you visit.

National Monuments

More than just a label but a network in its own right, the Centre des Monuments Nationaux (National Monuments Centre) is charged with the conservation, restoration, running, leading and opening to the grand public of the close to 100 monuments  under French State ownership as well as being listed as historic monuments.

UNESCO World Heritage

The 1972 World Heritage Convention puts UNESCO in charge of identifying and protecting irreplaceable cultural sites by their architecture, and/or their importance in human history, and unique natural sites by their beauty or rarity of their flora and/or fauna. Today there are 37 of these sites in France.

Grands Sites de France

Totalling 37 sites, the Grands Sites de France are exceptional, fragile and protected landscapes known and recognised by all. In a concern for sustainable development, the Grands Sites managers have the ambition to reveal, serve and pass on the “sense of paces” associated at each site.

The label awarded by the State, is the recognition of a management that conforms to the principles of sustainable development, conciliatory landscape preservation and of the “sense of places”, quality of the visitor’s experience and the participation of the inhabitants and partners in the life of the Grand Site.

Vignobles & Découvertes

Launched in 2009, the Vignobles & Découvertes label aims to promote tourism with an emphasis on wine and the vines.

All of the local partners who display the Vignobles & Découvertes label commit to respecting several requirements: a
quality welcome in French or in another language, special sensitivity to the world of wine, authenticity and openness to natural, cultural and human heritage.

Villes et Pays d’Art et d’Histoire

The Villes et Pays d’Art et d’Histoire label is a network, grouping 153 French towns and lands of art and history tied to the development and preservation of heritage and architecture: presentation of their activities to discover (guided visits, expositions and education services for example) and cultural tourism.

Shrine Towns of France

The Association of the Shrine Towns in France (Villes Sanctuaires) unites the shrine towns and tourist offices in one common
objective: to continually improve the visitors’ experiences, whether they’re tourists wishing to explore the area or pilgrims in search of spirituality, the association is ready to help you organise your stay in the Shrine towns of France.

Tourisme & Handicap

Created in 2001, the Tourisme & Handicap label has the intention of giving people accurate, objective and consistent information about the accessibility of tourist sites and facilities in regards to the 4 handicap types (motor, mental, auditory and visual) and to develop an adapted tourist offer.

The list of these labels is certainly not comprehensive; therefore don’t hesitate to make enquiries about the possible labels in the areas that you visit.