Thalassotherapy destinations – perfect for a well-being break

Thalassotherapy destinations – perfect for a well-being break france fr

The sea and ocean have qualities which are naturally good for the body. Thalassotherapy treatments are tried and tested and also provide the perfect complement to a relaxing holiday. 

Based initially on hydrotherapy treatments in the swimming pool using iodised water, as well as the application of carefully selected seaweed and sea mud, thalassotherapy has long been renowned for its therapeutic qualities.

Specialist centres now also offer massages and other fashionable spa facilities such as hammam baths, saunas and multi-sensorial treatments alongside traditional thalassotherapy treatments. Their expertise also includes advice on diet, allowing them to offer visitors a coherent and global approach which is often described as holistic.

From the French Basque country (Biarritz, Saint-Jean-de-Luz etc), with its many renowned centres, to Brittany (St.Malo, La Baule, Arzon, Quiberon, Dinard etc), with its wealth of natural resources, thalassotherapy centres provide the perfect setting for a holiday which is relaxing yet invigorating for both body and mind. 

This is particularly true for all-inclusive thalassotherapy holidays which may include other sports or cultural activities. Offering a combination of relaxation and action, thalassotherapy holidays (also available on the Mediterranean in resorts such as Sainte-Maxime) are now popular with men as well as women. 

Whether you’re looking to rest and relax or get up and go, a thalassotherapy break in one of our seaside resorts is just what you need!