Camping in France: Everything You Must Know!

  • Camping in France

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    Camping in France

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  • Motorhome on the Corniche d'Or

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    Motorhome on the Corniche d'Or

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  •  Mobilhome holidays in France

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    Mobilhome holidays in France

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  • Pure relaxation during camping holidays in France

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    Pure relaxation during camping holidays in France

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Camping in France: Everything You Must Know!

Come close to nature and the locals in France when traveling by caravan or mobile home - the ultimate freedom!

If you would like to spend a relaxing holiday close to nature, France's campsites are just for you. The selection is huge - in France, there are about 11,000 campsites - and the range of offers goes from naturist- to farm camping.
Thanks to a quality marking from 1 to 5 stars it's easy to choose no matter if you're on a trip as a backpacker and want to stay in your little tent for a couple of nights or if you're looking for a comfortable family holiday with activities.


Camping in the open countryside

It is possible to camp freely in the countryside if the owner of the area agrees. However, it is NOT permitted to camp on public streets and roads, by the beach, at sights or in nature and water reserves.


Camping guide

All France's 11,000 campsites can be found on the website Here you can search for suitable places according to search criteria such as location, service, activities, etc.
The same information is also available in the official camping and camper guide published by Motor Presse France in cooperation with the French Camping Association. The guide can be ordered at the French camping federation FFCC's website (in French), at Motor Presse France or in a French bookstore.
By the way, it is not mandatory to bring a special camping card in France. You can just drop your regular travel pass at the campsite.


Classification with stars: a quantitative criterion

Most French campsites are classified with 1 to 5 stars. The category is assigned according to the campsite equipment and facilities and does not take into account qualitative aspects such as green areas at the campsite or how warm a reception you will get.


Parking lots

According to the French Traffic Regulations, motorhomes can park in parking lots and streets where there is a general parking permit - if the motorhome does not, due to its size, constitute an obstacle to traffic or for other road users - for a maximum of seven days.
However, tables, chairs, umbrellas, etc. are not allowed as this is considered camping and is only allowed on campsites.
Approved parking lots for motorhomes with waste stations and power and water are usually located near a rest area and can be free as well as taxable. In France, there are almost 3,700 such caravan camps.
Most of the 11,000 campsites in France also offer areas for motorhomes, either on site or nearby.


Camping Municipal

If you are not looking for activities and luxury, then you will probably like the simple public camping sites "camping municipal". On the website (in French) you can find the public campsites in the different regions.

Farm campsites
Since 1988, "Bienvenue à la Ferme" has become well known for farms with tourist offers: sale of homemade products, traditional gastronomy, farms with display/education and accommodation/camping at the farmhouse.
Today, more than 600 farms offer camping and shelters. On the "Bienvenue à la Ferme" website you can download guides to the individual regions/departments.


Sites among the vineyards for auto-campers

Do you want to get close to the local life of the country and do you travel in an auto-camper? Then you have the opportunity to get an extraordinary experience with the "France Passion" concept, which is an association of more than 2000 wine farmers, farmers and merchants offering a free and safe stop for members of France Passion.
It costs 29 euros annually to be a member, and with the membership follows, among other things, maps of France's regions and a label for the car.
Because it is free to use the many sites, services such as toilets, water, etc. are not offered. And the offer, therefore, does not apply to caravans and tents. With France Passion, you'll get the opportunity to have a chat with a local and perhaps an insight into their crafts and everyday life.


Camping Qualité

More than 600 camping sites in France have been awarded the "Camping Qualité" certificate. Certified campsites are assessed on more than 600 criteria (every third year), and the mark is, therefore, a testimony of good quality.


Speed limit for trailers and caravans

For caravans that together with the car weigh more than 3.5 tons, the speed limit is 90 km / h on the highway (previously 110 kilometers per hour) and 80 km / h on the road. 


More information

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Tel.: +33 (0)1 42 72 84 08 - Fax: +33 (0)1 42 72 70 21

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