After the rain comes the sun!

After the rain comes the sun! fr

Under this slogan, the department of Les Hautes Pyrenees have gone all in to let everyone know that they are ready to receive the tourists back after the flods in June this year. 

Even though the sky fell down on Pic du Midi, Cirque de Gavarnie, Col du Tourmalet, Cauterets, Pont d'Espagne, the city of Lourdes and its holyiness, lakes, valleys and villages... these wonders which are all located in the Hautes Pyrenees, still stands. 

Faced with unusual weather conditions, solidarity, reactivity and energy has proved usefull: Tourist professionals, villagers, countrymen, chosen elects, civil employees, construction companies...
Everything is now ready for an unforgettable summer.

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A month after the extreme flods, the road to Col du Tourmalet is now re-opened for the public (with few limitations.), the village of Barèges which was completely isolated for a month is also ready to receive tourists. The Thermal bath- and spacenters (highest in Europe) are all re-opened except from Barèges Cieleo, which re-opens the 29th of July.

Have a wonderful summer!