56ème Jazz à Juan 2016

From July 14, 2016 to July 24, 2016
  • Selah Sue

    © DR

    Selah Sue

    © DR

  • Vintage Trouble

    © DR

    Vintage Trouble

    © DR

56ème Jazz à Juan 2016 60 chemin des Sables 06160 Juan-les-Pins fr

Since 1960 and the creation of Jazz à Juan, jazz has changed: it is everywhere, all over the world.

Jazz has mixed and mingled, redrawn lines and colors—infusing itself into all genres of music. It should be understood as the wide musical trajectory that took African-American culture to the threshold of the most contemporary and universal musical questions.


This is why Jazz à Juan has remained, across the decades, an open, evolutionary festival—that is to say, optimistic, unconventional, avante-garde, universalist, synergist, environmentalist, humanist, intimate, modernist, inclusive, progressive, retro-futuristic...


As it celebrates its 56th edition, more than ever, Jazz à Juan sticks to the gut instinct of its own history. This year, while jazz and related genres come into focus, the festival aims to nurture artistic opening—welcoming many of those who are part of, and will continue to build the legend that is jazz.




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60 chemin des Sables
06160 Juan-les-Pins