Rendez-vous in Monts Jura

  • Skier in Monts Jura

    © O.T.P.G.F

    Skier in Monts Jura

    © O.T.P.G.F

  • February, 17, 2013, combe in Fournier Crozet

    © O.T.P.G.F

    February, 17, 2013, combe in Fournier Crozet

    © O.T.P.G.F

Rendez-vous in Monts Jura 01410 Monts Jura fr

Monts Jura

Monts Jura is a multi-activity resort, during the winter : 3 downhill skiing areas, 2 cross country skiing areas, a dozen of snowshoeing trails, a luge rollercoaster, a robotcoaster, 3 ski schools with 4 special child areas, luge pistes... but it doesn't keep the resort from staying nice and welcoming families, even during the holidays!

Alpine area : 40 miles of slopes, 48 slopes on 3 areas, with 33 hectares of artificial snow.

Country skiing : 100 miles of slopes, for skating and classic, splited between La Vattay, Mijoux and Menthières.

Of course, as a mountain resort, Monts Jura has a large area for alpine skiing (49 slopes,=40 miles), cross country skiing (21 slopes = 100 miles) and several snowshoeing trails. Artificial snow guarantees a minimum quantity of snow to permitt skiing until the end of the season. For non skier person, animations are proposed and some activities like the Luge rollercoaster, the robotcoaster, visits, cinema...

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