Discover Reims - the Champagne and Coronation City

  • Reims - Place Drouet d'Erlon

    © Michel Jolyot

    Reims - Place Drouet d'Erlon

    © Michel Jolyot

  • Reims

    © Jean-Christophe Hanché - Ville de Reims


    © Jean-Christophe Hanché - Ville de Reims

  • Reims - Notre-Dame Cathedral

    © Jacques Driol

    Reims - Notre-Dame Cathedral

    © Jacques Driol

  • Reims - Champagne vineyards

    © Michel Jolyot

    Reims - Champagne vineyards

    © Michel Jolyot

  • Reims - Saint Remi Basilica

    © Frédéric Canon

    Reims - Saint Remi Basilica

    © Frédéric Canon

Discover Reims - the Champagne and Coronation City 2 rue Guillaume de Machault 51100 Reims fr

The baptism of Clovis, the anointing of kings... Reims has been fashioned by all the high points of France’s History.

Just by strolling the streets of this city, you can discover a great
heritage. This is the city that houses the Notre Dame Cathedral, Saint-Rémi Basilica, Palais du Tau - all UNESCO World
Heritage sites - and beautiful Art deco as well as the historic Reims circuits. 

And when there, don't miss the chance to indulge yourself in the pleasures of fine food… and champagne!


Not to be missed

3 sites on the Unesco World Heritage list :

  • Notre-Dame Cathedral :
    Notre-Dame de Reims is one of Europe's most important Gothic structures. The 13th century cathedral has characteristics all its own, in particular its lighting, statuary and unity of style
  • Palais du Tau :
    Adjoining Notre-Dame cathedral, the Palace-Museum of Tau houses a fabulous treasuretrove, which includes Charlemagne's talisman. Nowhere else than here, the former residence of the archbishops of Reims, is the historic coexistence between the Church and the monarchy so intense.
  • Saint-Remi Basilica and Abbey-Museum :
    While Notre-Dame is impressive because of its soaring structure and luminosity, visitors are entranced by Saint-Remi's profundity and the feeling of intimacy that it arouses. In fact, this Romanesque-Gothic abbey church is characterized by its sober majesty.


  • Fine Arts,
  • Reddition (1945 German surrender),
  • Former Jesuit College,
  • Planetarium,
  • Museum-Hôtel Le Vergeur,
  • Reims Champagne Automobile Museum,
  • Fort de la Pompelle

More to see

  • Foujita Chapel - Place Royale (18th century)
  • Reims Champagne Golf Course (18 holes)
  • The top Champagne Houses
  • Gallo-Roman Cryptoporticus
  • Sainte-Clotilde Basilica


Festive Reims

  • "Rêve de couleurs"at Notre-Dame Cathedral: The City of Reims offers the chance to enjoy a wonderful imaginary journey through time. Created by Skertzò, the heritage scenographers, “Rêve de couleurs” (Dream of Colours) is a visual show that transforms the architecture, bringing the host of sculptures on the cathedral to life. At nightfall during the tourist season.
  • The Johan Festival ("Les Fêtes Johanniques", 1st June weekend): Many animations take place in the city centre, from the Cathedral to the Place du Forum : falconers, medieval tavern, artisans, knighthood tournament, street stalls...
  • « Les Sacres du Folklore » (3rd June week): Concerts, shows, entertainment and folk ensembles will show you the best of world folk cultures.
  • The Musical Summer Strolls ("Les Flâneries Musicales de Reims", mid-June - mid-July): 80 concerts by the greatest names in classical music and jazz light up Reims' summers. For the most part free, these concerts take place at prestigious or unusual sites, such as Saint-Remi Basilica or the city's parks.
  • The “Weekend of the Automobile Excellence” (September): On the legendary former Reims circuit, exhibition of vintage cars and motorcycles, free demonstrations.
  • Reims Jazz Festival (Mid-November): Domaine Pommery, where the Champagne House of the same name is located, welcomes a series of jazz concerts organized by the local association "[djaz51]": Ron Carter, Carla Bley, Chick Corea, Diane Reeves... were among last years guests.
  • Reims Christmas Destination (25 November - 31 January): The 3rd biggest Christmas Village in France, cribs exhibitions and the Crib Trail around the typical Champagne villages.

Getting there

  • TGV : 45 mn from Paris, 1h25 from Lille, 1h55 from Strasbourg, 2h10 from Brussels, 3h15 from Nantes and Rennes, 4h25 from Bordeaux
  • Motorways : A4/E50 (from Paris or Germany), A26/E17 (from England), A34/E46 (from Belgium)
  • Motor home parking area
  • Boat harbour


Tourism Office
2 rue Guillaume de Machault (near the Cathedral)
F-51100 Reims
Tel : +33 (0)3 26 77 45 00
Fax: +33 (0)3 26 77 45 19

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