Discover the city and the wine district of Saint-Emilion

  • © Atout France/Olivier Roux

    © Atout France/Olivier Roux

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    © Atout France/Michel Angot

  • © Atout France/Michel Angot

    © Atout France/Michel Angot

Discover the city and the wine district of Saint-Emilion saint-Emilion fr

Between vineyards and rivers, along forest trails and picturesque roads Saint-Emilion stretches over a 75 km2 area around a beautiful preserved medieval town, which is worth a visit.

Saint-Emilion (including the city and the territories of eight villages that were merged during la Jurade in the Middle Ages) was admitted to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1999 to preserve, restore and continue this unique heritage.
So let your luggage stay in Saint-Emilion, which is just 30 minutes from Bordeaux and one hour from Bergerac or Périgueux, and go visit the town and the vineyards of Bordeaux and Périgord.


The legend of Saint-Emilion

According to legend, the town got its name from Emilion, a monk from Brittany, who, after an exemplary life marked by miracles, chose to withdraw from the world in the year 750 in a natural cave, which can be seen today in the city center.

The beautiful city of Saint-Emilion was a rich market town, where you could buy the best products the district could offer (wine, grain, stone etc.). But at the same time it was also famous for pilgrimages to the Saints' relics.
The city retained its wealth through the Middle Ages - something which today can be seen in the emblematic monuments, and above all an incredible underground monolithic church! Monasteries, churches, houses built in both wood and chipped stone, old mills, large mansions from the 1400s - with each step you take, you are greeted by new parts of the rich cultural heritage.


A wide variety of accommodation

Whether you travel by foot, by bike, by car, bus or boat the landscape, the monuments and the new wine cellars in modern architecture reveal themselves to you constantly.
A wide range of accommodation options with different levels of comfort and services meets all visitor's needs; chambres d'hôte in a castle with tasting and spa, 2 * - 5 * hôtel de charme in the center of the city, rental of an annex with swimming pool on the Vineyard, 4 * campsite with family bath etc.
All the offers are equally useful when you plan to visit the great wine houses with names like Pomerol, Sauternes, Margaux and Saint-Emilion, meet real winemakers, taste exceptional wines, shop in the finest shops in Saint-Emilion and Bordeaux, see the caves in Dordogne, relax on terrace of a vinbar with a view of the city in the sunset ...